We have been personalizing wealth management solutions for Canadians and their financial future for over 20 years, serving clients in the Ancaster, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton & Greater Toronto Regions.

At Escarpment Wealth Management we strive to be the trusted financial advisors to busy families, professionals & business owners to create a long-term personalized financial plan with the right investments that fits your life goals.

The foundation of our client relationships is the one that is critically important in choosing a financial advisor: Trust. We know we must do right by our clients, without you we do not exist. As a client of ours, you should know that our ultimate goals is to make sure you achieve your financial goals. With that in mind, we are always looking to design long-term diversified investment strategies built within a planning process and are continually searching for the most cost-efficient, high-value ways to manage your money. Our hands on, research-based approach to finding appropriate retirement & investment income opportunities ensures we address all aspects of your financial situation when developing recommendations.

Our knowledgeable wealth advisors have a proven process for working with our clients that puts them in the best position to succeed.

  • Step 1: Asking the Right Questions
  • Step 2: Understanding What Your Goals are for the Future
  • Step 3: An Honest Assessment of How Attainable Those Goals Are
  • Step 4: Explore What Actions We Need to Take to Get There
  • Step 5: Constant Monitoring of Your Progress According to the Plan

Our clients frequently tell us that by working with Escarpment Wealth Management they worry less & live more. For these reasons, if you or anyone you care about could benefit from another set of eyes please click here to review the services we offer or contact us to make an appointment. We are here to help!


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